How to Organize a Screening?

Join the campaign to preserve space for peace by hosting a screening of Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space in your own community or school. To host a public or educational screening of Pax Americana anywhere in the world, please contact Films Transit International to purchase the specially licensed public-use DVD.  Public-use versions of Pax Americana are required for all school, community, institutional, or library screenings of the film, and feature the original 85-minute film as well as the condensed 52-minute TV version, both available in English and in French.

To book Pax Americana in a theater in the United States, contact Diana Hotlzberg at Films Transit International in New York. Pax Americana is available for theatrical bookings on HD, Digibeta, Beta SP, and DVD. For more details, connect to or call Diana at (212) 614 2808.

To book Pax Americana in a theater in Canada, contact Robin Smith at Kinosmith in Toronto or (416) 992-2060.