Center for Defense Information
The Center for Defense Information (CDI) provides expert analysis on various components of U.S. national security, international security and defense policy. CDI promotes wide-ranging discussion and debate on security issues such as nuclear weapons, space security, missile defense, and military transformation.

Federation of American Scientists
The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) was founded in 1945 by scientists who had worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bombs. These scientists recognized that science had become central to many key public policy questions. They believed that scientists had a unique responsibility to both warn the public and policy leaders of potential dangers from scientific and technical advances and to show how good policy could increase the benefits of new scientific knowledge.

Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Since its 1992 founding the GN has met each year in order to bring together key activists who are working on, or are interested in, space issues. It was the intention of the founders to create an organization that would serve as a clearinghouse for space issues and act as a spark to ignite education and organizing in order to build an international citizens movement.

Union of Concerned Scientists
The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. UCS combines independent scientific research and citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices.


US Air Force Space Command
Inaugurated in 1982, the AFSPC describes its mission as being, "To Deliver Space and Missile capabilities to America and its warfighting Commands." AFSPC claims its activities make space reliable to United States warfighters by assuring their access to space.

US Air Force Global Strike Command
Inaugurated in August 2009, the Air Force Global Strike Command has the mission to "Develop and provide combat-ready forces for nuclear deterrence and global strike operations --Safe --Secure --Credible to support the President of the United States and combatant commanders."

US Air Force Research Laboratory
The AFRL is the Air Force's only organization wholly dedicated to leading the discovery, development, and integration of warfighting technologies for our air, space and cyberspace forces.

US Missile Defense Agency
According to the MDA: “More than 25 years ago, President Ronald Reagan challenged the U.S. scientific community to develop antiballistic missile technologies that would improve our national security and reduce our reliance on nuclear weapons. Today, the Missile Defense Agency, or MDA, is answering that challenge.”

US National Reconnaissance Office
The NRO designs, builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites. NRO products, provided to an expanding list of customers like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), can warn of potential trouble spots around the world, help plan military operations, and monitor the environment. As part of the 16-member Intelligence Community, the NRO plays a primary role in achieving information superiority for the U. S. Government and Armed Forces.


Space News

The mission of the Military Space Transparency Project (MSTP) is to reveal the efforts, policies and innovations that will culminate in the research, development and deployment of space warfare technologies. MSTP not only focuses public attention on dedicated military space technologies with warfare applications, but also specializes in uncovering the dual-use and emerging technologies that will lead to the weaponization of space. Through its research and reporting, MSTP aims to promote international dialogue and the resulting development of international treaty regimes that would address these dual-use and emerging technologies before they are able to undermine peaceful international space collaborations and US national security.