Denis Delestrac

Denis Delestrac is a French journalist, writer and award-winning director. Among his social-political and cultural documentaries are: "Human Rights", shot in Israel, Colombia and Afghanistan, a powerful documentary that analyses how armed conflicts increasingly affect civilian communities and foster displacement; "The Mission to Educate" which examines the sustainability of the nomadic Nigerian tribes' lifestyle; and "The Nomad Spirit" looks at how market economy has transformed Mongolian society. More recently, Delestrac contributed to the direction and writing of the award-winning large format blockbuster Mystery of the Nile. PAX AMERICANA and the Weaponization of Space
is his first feature length documentary.

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Amon Tobin

Musician, programmer, recording artist, beatsmith, composer, sound designer.  Amon Tobin is all of these things but most of all a forward thinker. His work is a contribution to the evolution of sound in the spirit of the pioneers of electronic music. Amon has released a series of critically-acclaimed full length albums alongside a number of side projects varying from film scores to collaborations with artists ranging in classical music to hip hop, to all stylistic disciplines in between. A relentless drive to explore has lead Amon to various places in music, but the the real fruit of his labour are in the combined knowledge gained from these experiences of how music and sound work.

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Alam Raja

Born in Barcelona, Alam obtained a Graduate degree in cinema and the audiovisuals with Direction as his speciality at the Superior School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia. He has directed short films in several formats including 16mm and 35mm, with “Mola Ser Malo” (“It’s Cool to be Bad”) being his first film acclaimed by the critic and featured in festivals worldwide. He is the co-founder of Bipolar Films, a production company specialising in the production of music videos and commercials. Alam is currently developping several documentary and fiction projects. He lives and works in Spain and North America.

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Mikela Jay

Mikela Jay is a canadian singer, songwriter & performer as well as an established actor appearing in dozens of film & television productions. Before her contribution to Pax Americana, her voice could be heard in the multi-award winning canadian documentary *The Corporation*. Her anticipated new album *The Distance* is now available on itunes & amazon.

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Harold Crooks’ signature can be seen on numerous highly-regarded documentaries, including Bhopal: The Search for Justice, The World Is Watching, The Corporation, Karsh Is History, The Champagne Safari, and Anthrax War. Among awards, grants and fellowships he has received are a Chicago International Film Festival Gold Hugo (Best Documentary); an Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Genie; a Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of British Columbia Leo Award for Best Screenwriter [Documentary]; a National Documentary Film Award [Best Writing Category] at 1996 Hot Docs!; a Writers Guild of Canada Top Ten Awards finalist; and a Fund for Investigative Journalism [Washington, DC] travel grant.


Mark Achbar

Mark Achbar is one of a wave of non-fiction feature filmmakers reaching large international audiences through mainstream theatres, TV, DVD, and the internet. He co-produced and co-directed the two most successful Canadian feature documentaries ever made: MANUFACTURING CONSENT: NOAM CHOMSKY AND THE MEDIA and THE CORPORATION. His films popularize radical critiques, win dozens of prestigious awards, and gross millions at the box-office. Achbar's output as Executive Producer includes: Denis Delestrac's PAX AMERICANA AND THE WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE; Fredrik Gertten's BANANAS; and Sam Bozzo's BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS.

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Lucie Tremblay

Lucie Tremblay began her career in the production field in 1990. The different documentaries she produced fervently displays her passion for popularizing science, environmental and social issues. This same passion is reflected as that little something extra on screen which is the result of the close relationship she has developed with directors, filmmakers & crew. In her career she has produced documentaries for Radio-Canada, CBC, Canal D, TVA, Télé-Québec, ARTE, Canal Vie, Knowledge Network, CFCF, Discovery, NHK, which resulted in many awards received both nationally and internationally. Her expertise in production and coproduction has brought her to organize, in 2010, the first international pitch session for the FIFO in Tahiti.



Jeremy Edwardes

Jeremy Edwardes is the Vice-President of Coptor Productions Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. Jeremy has been producing for 10 years. Highlights include winning the Academy Award in 2005 for best  animated short film for Ryan. A Gemini Nomination for Alter Egos (Director Lawrence Green) and the Aboriginal Music Documentary award in 2008 for Kitiohcikew (Dir. Jim Compton). Jeremy met director Denis Delestrac at Docs Barcelona in February of 2006. He was immediately struck by the importance of the film and offered to produce it as an international and inter-provincial co-production. It took less than a year to finance the film. Coptor is currently developing Mysteries of the Northern Lights and Sound 3D for the Giant Screen.



Betsy Carson

Betsy Carson is a producer, production manager and director with 20 years experience in documentary film and television.  Among her producing  credits are several feature docs including Nettie Wild’s  FIX: The Story of an Addicted City (2004 Genie Award), A Place Called Chiapas (1998 Genie Award) , Blockade, Gary Marcuse’s  ARKTIKA: The Russian Dream That Failed,  Nuclear Dynamite, and The Mind of A Child (both Gemini winners)  Linda Ohama’s Obaachan’s Garden and Arlene Ami’s Say I Do (Executive Producer). One-hour documentaries she has worked on include The Lynching of Louie Sam, Time Immemorial, Deconstructing Supper, and The Legend of Cataline. She also was associate producer / production manager for four years on Omni Films’s Champions of the Wild series, as well as Mystique Film’s series Healing with Animals and Beyond Invention, and is a consultant for many of Vancouver’s documentary filmmakers in the area of budgeting and financing.

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